Principal Investigator: Sujit Dey

Co-PIs: Jyoti Mishra, Drew Hall
Collaborators: Steven Li, M.D,  Melissa Wong, M.D. UC San Diego Health


The Connected Health program at UC San Diego seeks to enable radical changes in the delivery of health care, from today’s reactive care models to a next-generation of proactive, continuous and personalized care using innovations in wireless Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) including novel medical devices and applications, together with innovations in AR/VR, machine vision and artificial intelligence, edge/cloud computing and wireless IoMT communications. The program is a partnership between UC San Diego Center for Wireless Communications and health care providers like Kaiser Permanente and UC San Diego Health, and technology providers like Samsung, Qualcomm and Teradata. The program consists of multiple faculty from Jacobs School of Engineering as well as School of Medicine, including physicians, physical therapists, cognitive neuroscientists and faculty from the departments of Family Medicine, Psychiatry, and Public Health.