2019 Research Review


Village 15


Theresa Lachman


Join us on Wednesday, Nov. 20 for our annual Center for Wireless Communications Research Review, a thoughtful and provocative discussion of some of the most promising innovations for a more connected world.  Hear directly from CWC researchers about current and ongoing CWC research into Circuits for 5G communications, mmWave, Networking, Wireless AR/VR, Connected Health, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, the path to 6G networks and more. Student lightning talks and a poster session round out the agenda. CWC Board Members, colleagues and guests, along with faculty and students, are all invited to join us at UC San Diego’s Village 15 for this day-long look at new applications and user experiences made possible by the exciting new developments in connected technology. Registration is now open!


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Time Description Who
8:00-8:30am BREAKFAST  
8:30-8:40am Welcome

Sujit Dey, Director, Center for Wireless Communications, UC San Diego

Bill Lin, Chair, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC San Diego

8:40-9:15am Keynote - Introduction to Facebook Connectivity

T.K. Woodward, PhD, Facebook


Session 1 - Connected Vehicles: Innovations in Sensor Fusion, AI, Computing and Communications

  Project Overview Sujit Dey, Director, Center for Wireless Communications
  Perception in Bad Weather Using Radars for Self-driving Cars

Dinesh Bharadia, Assistant Professor, UC San Diego

Tara Javidi, Professor, UC San Diego


Multiple Vehicles View Incorporation

Truong Nguyen, Professor, UC San Diego

  Millimeter-Wave Networking with WiFi-Like Omni-Directional Coverage Xinyu Zhang, Associate Professor, UC San Diego
  Utilizing Machine Learning for Reducing Channel Estimation Overhead in V2X mmWave Communications

Bryse Flowers, PhD Student

Advisors: Sujit Dey, Xinyu Zhang

  On Sparse Array Geometry: Applications to mmWave Channel Estimation

Rohan Pote, PhD Student

Advisor: Bhaskar Rao

  Sustainable Vehicular Edge Computing Using Local and Solar-Powered Roadside Unit Resources

Yujen Ku, PhD Student

Advisor: Sujit Dey

11:00-11:20am BREAK  
11:20-11:45am Session 2 - Student Lightning Talks  
11:45am-12:00pm Welcome from the Dean Al Pisano, Dean, Jacobs School of Engineering
12:00-1:15pm LUNCH and POSTER SESSION  

Session 3 - Circuits for 5G and Beyond

  Digital PLLs for Frequency Synthesis in 5G Handsets Ian Galton, Professor, UC San Diego
  Low-Power Transmitters for MedRadio Applications Drew Hall, Associate Professor, UC San Diego
  Enabling Low-Power Wireless Connectivity  Patrick Mercier, Associate Professor, UC San Diego
  Phased-Arrays with Carrier Aggregation Properties Gabriel M. Rebeiz, Professor, UC San Diego
  Advances in 5G mmWave Power Amplifiers Peter Asbeck, Professor Emeritus, UC San Diego
3:00-3:15pm BREAK  

Session 4 - Applications of 5G and Beyond: Use of Wireless Devices, AI and Edge Computing for Connected Health and Wireless VR

  Predictive and Personalized Chronic Care using IoMTs and Real-time Data Analytics Sujit Dey, Professor, UC San Diego
  Personalizing Mental Health Care Using Wireless Wearables and AI Jyoti Mishra, Assistant Professor, UC San Diego
  Enabling Ultra-Low Latency Wireless 6DoF VR Using Predictive Intelligence and Edge-Computing

Xueshi Hou, PhD Student

Advisors: Sujit Dey

Charlie Zhang, Madhukar Budagavi, Samsung Research America

4:15pm Research Review Concludes  
  Planning Session and Board Meeting to follow CWC Board Members and Invited Guests