Spring 2023 CWC Research Review


Debi Gianni, Executive Assistant, d1gianni@ucsd.edu


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The Center for Wireless Communicaitons at UC San Diego presents their 2023 Research Review!

Join us for our annual Research Review featuring faculty presentations that highlight research and progress on our latest projects as well as student lightning talks and a 1-hour poster session.

This is an invitation-only event. CWC member companies, UC San Diego faculty, staff and students, and a limited number of invited guests can register below. 

If you are not a current CWC member company or UCSD association, and would like to participate, please email the Center Coordinator at d1gianni@ucsd.edu.

Registration is now closed.


The Center for Wireless Communications' Research Review
Friday, May 19, 2023
Rady School of Management, UC San Diego

Time Description Presenter
  8:30 am - 9:00 am Registration and Light Breakfast Rady Courtyard and Multipurpose Room
  9:00 am - 9:10 am Welcome and Overview Rady Room 1S113
    Sujit Dey, Director, Center for Wireless Communications
  9:10 am - 11:30 am    Session 1:  Circuits and Techniques for Mobile Communications Beyond 5G Towards 6G
Adaptive Cancellation of Inter-Symbol Interference in High-Speed Continuous-time DACs
Ian Galton, Professor, ECE
  140 GHz Scalable On-Grid 8x8-Element Transmit-Receive Phased-Arrays with Up/Down Converters and 16-64QAM/24 Gbps Data Rates at 5.2 meters Amr AhmedGraduate Student Researcher (Advisor Gabriel Rebeiz)
  An LTE-harvesting BLE-to-WiFi Backscattering Chip for Single-Device RFID-like Interrogation Patrick Mercier, Professor
  10:10 am -10:30 am Break  (20 minutes)
Prospects and challenges of integrating MEMS into Low-Power Receivers
Drew Hall, Associate Professor
Integrated Supply Modulator for 5G and 6G Transmitters
Hanh-Phuc Le, Assistant Professor
Transistor Technologies for 6G-fr3 Power Amplifiers
Peter Asbeck, Professor
  11:30 am - 11:45 am Student Lightning Talks Room 1S113
  11:45 am - 1:00 pm Lunch and Poster Session Lunch served in Rady Multipurpose Room
Posters presented in the Courtyard
  1:00 pm - 3:20 pm    Session 2:  AI-Centric NextG Wireless: Developing Full Stack, Secure, Wireless Intelligence in Pursuit of the NextG



Sujit DeyDirector, Center for Wireless Communications ; Bill Lin, Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Multi-modal Data and Model Reduction for Wireless Data Fusion
Sujit Dey, Sam Thornton, Student (Advisor Sujit Dey)
  Deploying AI in RANs with Hierarchical-RICs, Digital Twins, and cross-country xG Interoperability testbed Dinesh Bharadia, Assistant Professor

Error Tolerant Distributed Machine Learning Over Edge Networks

Xinyu Zhang, Professor
2:05 pm - 2:20 pm Break  (15 minutes)
  Utilizing Reinforcement Learning For Adaptive Sensory Data Sharing Over C-V2X Communications Sujit Dey, Bryse Flowers, Student (Advisor Sujit Dey)
  Bringing "everything" From Physical World To Digital World With Ultra Low Power Wireless Sensing

Dinesh Bharadia, Assistant Professor

  Dynamic Human 3D Mesh Compression Pam Cosman, Professor
  3:20 PM Research Review Ends  
  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm CWC Board meeting/Rady Sky Pavilion Private/Invitation Only



Poster Presentations
11:45 am - 1:00 pm (during lunch in the Rady Courtyard) 


Aditya Sant Regularized Neural Detection for Millimeter Wave Massive MIMO Communication Systems with One-bit ADCs Bhaskar D. Rao Bhaskar Rao
Agrim Gupta GreenMO: Virtualized User-proportionate Power Consumption MIMO Sajjad Nassirpour, Eamon Patamasing, Manideep Dunna, Alireza Vahid, Dinesh Bharadia Dinesh Bharadia
Ahmed Gadelkarim A 0.11-mW 2.4-GHz Receiver Employing a Q-Boosted Impedance Transformer and Regenerative Amplifier Achieving −101-dBm Sensitivity and −28-dB SIR NA Patrick Mercier
Akshit Agarwal SweepSpace Raghav Subbaraman Dinesh Bharadia
Amr Ahmed 140 GHz Scalable On-Grid 8x8-Element Transmit-Receive Phased-Arrays with Up/Down Converters and 16-64QAM/24 Gbps Data Rates Amr Ahmed, Linjie Li, Minjae Jung, Gabriel M. Rebeiz Gabriel Rebeiz
Bryse Flowers Utilizing Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Sensor Data Sharing over C-V2X Communications Yu-Jen Ku, Sabur Baidya, and Sujit Dey Sujit Dey
Dae Cheol Resource-efficient Knowledge Distilled Federated Learning NA Xinyu Zhang
Dae Cheol Kwon Resource-efficient Knowledge Distilled Federated Learning NA Xinyu Zhang
Hari Prasad Sankar RF data generation pipeline for RF ML Raghav Subbaraman Dinesh Bharadia
Hongyu Lu A 0.11mW 2.4GHz Receiver Employing a Q-Boosted Impedance Transformer and Regenerative Amplifier Achieving a -101dBm Sensitivity and -28dB SIR Bao Lam, Ahmed Gadelkarim Patrick Mercier
Kuan-Lin Chen Improved Bounds on Neural Complexity for Representing Piecewise Linear Functions Harinath Garudadri, Bhaskar D. Rao Bhaskar Rao
Nagarjun Bhat ForceSticker: Wireless, Batteryless, Thin & Flexible Force Sensors

Agrim Gupta, Daegue Park, Shayaun Bashar, Cedric Girerd Nagarjun Bhat, Siddhi Mundhra, Tania K Morimoto, Dinesh Bharadia

Dinesh Bharadia

Ragahv Subbaraman BSMA: Scalable LoRa networks with Full Duplex Gateways NA Dinesh Bharadia
Renjie Zhao Asymmetric Communication: A New Paradigm for Ultra-Low-Power Internet-of-Things Kai Zheng Xinyu Zhang
Richard Bell Searchlight: An accurate, sensitive and fast radio frequency energy detection system Kyle Watson, Amy Hu, fred harris, Dinesh Bharadia Dinesh Bharadia
Rohan R. Pote OMP vs SBL: A Beamforming Perspective to Resolve Closely-spaced Sources Bhaskar D. Rao Bhaskar Rao
Rohith Reddy Vennam mmSpoof: Resilient Spoofing of Automotive Millimeter-wave Radars using Reflect Array Rohith Reddy Vennam, Ish Kumar Jain, Kshitiz Bansal, Joshua Orozco, Puja Shukla, Aanjhan Ranganathan, and Dinesh Bharadia Dinesh Bharadia
Sam Thornton Multi-modal Data Reduction and Model Selection for Enabling Cooperative Perception in Connected Vehicle Environments NA Sujit Dey
Shih-Kai Kuo An LTE-Harvesting BLE-to-WiFi Backscattering Chip for Single-Device RFID-Like Interrogation Manideep Dunna, Hongyu Lu, Akshit Agarwal, Dinesh Bharadia, Patrick P Mercier Patrick Mercier
Shiwei Jin ReDirTrans: Latent-to-Latent Translation for Gaze and Head Redirection NA Truong Nguyen
Sina Shahsavari Learning to Sense for Millimeter-wave communication: From Adaptive to Data-driven Spatiotemporal Sampler Design Mehmet Can Hucumenoglu, Pulak Sarangi, Piya Pal Piya Pal
Sreevatsank Kadaveru SpecSense: Learning-based Wideband Sensing Raghav Subbaraman Dinesh Bharadia
Srivatsan Rajagopal ML classification of RF anomalies NA Dinesh Bharadia
Venkatesh Sathyanarayanan Profiling free wideband electromagnetic emission information leakage detection scheme Peter Gerstoft Peter Gerstoft
Wei Sun IoTAuditor: Debugging the Fine-grained Internal States of Blackbox IoT Devices using Side-channel Information Wei Sun, Raymond Song, Keith Kwong, Chan Heng Chan, Haojian Jin, Dinesh Bharadia Dinesh Bharadia