It is the mission of the Center to:

  • Create a multi-disciplinary research and education environment conducive to the early identification of high impact opportunities in wireless circuits, networks and applications
  • Pursue a relevant research effort focused upon the creation of a fundamental knowledge base needed for subsequent commercialization
  • Transfer acquired knowledge and technologies to the commercial sector
  • Produce graduates at all degree levels trained with the skills needed to satisfy the human resources needs of the wireless communications industry.

Our strategy is predicated upon the involvement of industry in all phases of our operations, including identification of potential research projects, collaboration in execution of our research program, and early exposure of students to industrial culture and expectations.



5G/6G is poised to reshape the technological world, as we know it.  5G/6G will enable a new wave of applications; including Connected Health, Smart Transportation, new immersive media experiences, better data collection and analytics and the Internet of Things, a “smart “ connected world at the confluence of sensing technologies and machine learning. Just as important is the quest for low-power, low-cost circuitry and affordable phased-arrays for 5G/6G applications.  These cutting edge projects are the focus of the research at the Center for Wireless Communications.

Prof. Sujit Dey, Director, CWC

Group Photo of CWC Team


UC San Diego's Center for Wireless Communications was founded in March 1995 as a partnership between the University and the wireless communications industry. Its goals include the definition and pursuit of a cutting-edge program of precompetitive, multidisciplinary research focused on wireless access systems, technologies, and applications; the creation of a relevant base of new knowledge with high commercial impact potential; and the production of graduates at all degree levels to meet industrial human resources needs. Of paramount importance to the achievement of those goals are the involvement, collaboration, and financial support of the CWC's Industrial Participants. 

As we welcome the era of 5G/6G connectivity and lay the ground work for what will follow, our mission remains much the same as it was 25 years ago: identify and pursue high impact opportunities in wireless circuits, networks and applications; pursue relevant research focused on the knowledge base needed for subsequent commercialization; and produce graduates at all degree levels with the skills needed by the wireless communications industry.

Activities at the Center are supported entirely by the wireless communications industry, and representatives from participating companies are heavily involved in all aspects of the Center's operations, including participation in the Center Board.

Companies requiring further details on membership, or students wishing to learn more about opportunities for study within the Center including information on RA grants, should contact either:

Prof. Sujit Dey, Director

Debi Gianni