The goals of our Industry Participants Program are:

  • To create a strong, industrially relevant research program with high impact potential by actively encouraging industrial input on the definition and direction of the program.
  • To maximize the exposure and interaction between students and industry.
  • To generate industrially relevant intellectual property in the wireless communications field.

When considering CWC membership, there are a number of compelling factors:

  • First, there are many commonly shared research objectives that can be addressed more expeditiously and cost-effectively at an academic center. We seek advice from member companies on our research projects and we allocate research funding based on company interests.
  • Second, all companies have ongoing employment needs for engineers with excellent training in subjects specific to their interests. The graduate students supported by the Center are a valuable resource for meeting these needs.
  • Third, the CWC has achieved international prominence in wireless communication research. This has been achieved through many years of priority faculty recruitment in the various wireless communications disciplines. The distinguished faculty and international recognition have greatly enhanced the quality of our students and their research.



  • Appointment of company representative to the CWC Board of Directors with full voting rights
  • Full participation in deciding all CWC projects
  • IP rights on all inventions made by using funds provided from Member fees 
  • Participation in research reviews conducted twice a year reporting on all CWC projects
  • Premier participation (keynotes, speakership, panelist) in CWC events, including highly visible workshops and forums
  • Free registration of company employees at CWC events and dinners
  • Access to all CWC project publications; and presentations, live webcasts and recorded videos of all CWC events
  • Host up to three company employees annually with the title of “Visiting Scholar” to conduct research and development in collaboration with CWC faculty
  • Preferred access to CWC graduate students for internships and employments
  • CWC will arrange a minimum of one annual visit by select CWC faculty to the company; the visit will include seminars and discussions on topics of interest to the company
  • Participation in entrepreneurship programs, in partnership with the UCSD von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center
  • At the request of a member company, CWC can organize a “focus group discussion session” with industry and academia experts on topics of interest to member company
  • At the request of a member company, CWC can organize “innovation workshop” to foster innovation in member organization (at additional cost).