2022 CWC Research Review

Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine | Roth Auditorium
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The CWC Research Review features faculty presentations that highlight research and progress on our latest projects as well as student lightning talks and a 1-hour poster session.  This is an invitation-only event for CWC member companies, UC San Diego faculty, staff and students, and a limited number of invited guests.  If you do not have a current CWC member company association, and would like to participate, please email the Center Coordinator Click to register


Theresa Lachman    tlachman@eng.ucsd.edu







Friday, May 27, 2022

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8:30-9:15am Continental Breakfast and Registration  


Welcome and Overview

Sujit Dey, Director, Center for Wireless Communications

Bill Lin, Chair, ECE Department


Session 1: Circuits and Techniques for Mobile Communications Beyond 5G Towards 6G


Adaptive Cancellation of Dynamic Error in High-Resolution RF DACs

Ian Galton


Development of 140 GHz 8x8 Phased-Arrays for High-Data Rate Communications (and other Goodies)

Gabriel Rebeiz


Enabling Beam Steering in a Passive WiFi Backscatter System Towards a 50m Communication Range

Patrick Mercier

Enabling linearization and higher-order noise shaping in VCO-based ∆Σ modulators

Drew Hall

BREAK (15 minutes)



Mm-wave Power Amplifiers: Power Reliability and Technology Options

Peter Asbeck


Integrated Power and Envelope Modulator for 5G Transmitters

Hanh-Phuc Le


Student Lightning Talks



Lunch and Poster Session




Session 2:  AI-Centric NextG Wireless: Developing Full Stack, Secure, Wireless Intelligence in Pursuit of the NextG 



Sujit Dey


Deformation-based Dynamic Mesh Compression and Applications in XR

Truong Nguyen, Pamela Cosman


Data Reduction and Model Selection Techniques for Wireless Edge-based Sensor Fusion

Samuel Thornton (Advisor Sujit Dey)


Neural Detector for 1-bit Mimo Systems

Aditya Sant (Advisor Bhaskar Rao)


Cross Layer Adaptations for Sensor Data Sharing over C-V2X Sidelinks

Bryse Flowers, Yujen Ku (Advisor Sujit Dey)


BREAK (15 minutes)


Self-Supervised Ambient Intelligence Using Multi-Modal IoT Sensors

Xinyu Zhang


AI-enabled Optimization of Next Generation Wireless Networks

Tara Javidi


Towards AI-driven Privacy and Security from and for Wireless Technologies

Dinesh Bharadia


A 28 GHz Software Radio Platform for 5G and Beyond Applications

Tim Woodford (Advisor Xinyu Zhang)




Board of Directors Meeting (private)













POSTER SESSION, 11:50am - 1:15PM



Poster Title

Additional Authors or N/A


Tim Woodford Mosaic: Beyond-LoS Automotive Sensing using Ambient Reflectors

 Xinyu Zhang, Eugene Chai, Karthikeyan Sundaresan

Xinyu Zhang
Shiwei Jin Ocular Counter-Rolling Awareness Gaze Estimation Network with Kappa Angle Compensations Ji Dai, Truong Nguyen Truong Nguyen
Corentin Pochet Enabling linearization and higher-noise shaping in VCO-based ∆Σ modulators  Asish Koruprolu Drew Hall
Bryse Flowers Cognitive C-V2X Testbed Yu-Jen Ku, Samuel Thornton, Sabur Baidya, Sujit Dey Sujit Dey
Ish  Jain Two beams are better than one: Towards high throughput and reliable mmWave links Raghav Subbaraman Dinesh Bharadia
Agrim Gupta GreenMO: Flexible and Virtualized Green Communications Architecture

Sajjad Nassirpour, Manideep Dunna,

Eamon Patamasing, Alireza Vahid, Dinesh Bharadia

Dinesh Bharadia
Renjie Zhao M-Cube: An Open-Source Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Software Radio N/A Xinyu Zhang
Shih-Kai Kuo A WiFi and Bluetooth Backscattering Combo Chip Featuring Beam Steering via a Fully-Reflective Phased- Controlled Multi-Antenna Termination Technique Enabling Operation Over 56 Meters Manideep Dunna, Dinesh Bharadia, Patrick Mercier Patrick Mercier
Samuel Thornton Data Reduction and Model Selection Techniques for Wireless Edge-based Sensor Fusion N/A Sujit Dey
Yu-Jen Ku Adaptive Computation Partitioning and Offloading in Real-time Sustainable Sabur Baidya, and Sujit Dey Sujit Dey
Hieu Pham High-Efficiency Power and Envelope Modulator for 5G and 6G Transmitters Applications Ratul Das, Casey Hardy Hanh-Phuc Le
Erda Wen Channel Characterization of Magnetic Human Body Communication Daniel F. Sievenpiper, Patrick P. Mercier Daniel F. Sievenpiper
Amr Ahmed 140GHz 8x8 Transmit-Receive RF Beamforming Array in 45RFSOI Minjae Jug and Linjie Li Gabriel Rebeiz
Amr Ahmed 140 GHz 8x8 Dual-Polarized Dual-Beam RF Beamforming Receive Array in 45RFSOI Minjae Jung, Linjie Li Gabriel Rebeiz


Rahmanian Kooshkaki

A Multichannel Magnetic Human Body Communication Transceiver

Miao Meng, Xiaoyang Wang, Shih-Kai Kuo,

Erda Wen, Patrick Mercier

Patrick Mercier
Shih-Kai Kuo WiFi Backscatter Featuring Beam Steering via a Fully-Reflective Phased-Controlled Multi-Antenna Termination Technique Enabling Operation over 56 Meters

Manideep Dunna, Dinesh Bharadia,

Patrick P. Mercier

Patrick Mercier
Kunyao Chen Efficient Registration for Human Surfaces via Isometric Regularization on Embedded Deformation Fei Yin, Bang Du, Baichuan Wu, Truong Nguyen Truong Nguyen