Sujit Dey Joins Jeff Goldblum for "Fireside Chat" at CES 2020, Las Vegas

Wednesday, Jan 8, 2020

Exciting news! CWC Director and 5G expert Sujit Dey joined actor Jeff Goldblum in a discussion moderated by Catherine Sullivan, Omnicom's Chief Investment Officer, at CES Las Vegas to discuss how content and creativity will flourish with the adoption of 5G. This fascinating “fireside chat” took place at The Bellagio as part of Omnicom Media Group’s "Morning of Innovation." Their conversation touched on a diverse array of topics related to 5G, including the push by content providers to introduce new interactive shows to compete in the “streaming wars,” the rise of AR, VR and 3D holographic immersive content, how advertisers and immersive gaming experiences might benefit from 5G capabilities, and much more.